Pikosan Workplace Safety

Our Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Pikosan recognize its responsibility to establish and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for all employees.

‘Health, Safety Management System’ seeks to promote continuous improvement to the working conditions of our company activities.Our main goal for Health & Safety improvement is the elimination of losses in all activities involving people ,equipment, and material in addition to protecting the environment.We shall seek to effectively control all hazards and reduce the risk to all personnel to a zero accident level.

To accomplish this goal, all employees shall adhere to the following principles :

  • All occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable.
  • Every employee has the direct responsibility for preventing injuryand illnes.
  • Training is essential to ensure a safe and healthful workplace.
  • Prevention of occupational injury and illness is good business.

Accident prevention and efficient production go hand in hand.Pikosan is committed in the continuous improvement of safety performance and will authorize necessary programs to achieve this objective.

Successful management of Health, Safety & Environment is essential fort he long-term viability of Pikosan to achieve these long-term objectives , we shall continuously improve our existing Qality,Health & Safety and Environmental Management System.