About Us


2003 - Established at the Kucuk Sanayi Sitesi Area, to produce mouldings and fixtures notably for automotive industry.

2005 - Towards achieving the targets of gaining a more corporate structure, the company moved all its operations to NOSAB Organize Sanayi Area and became a corporate.

2008 - Continued its operations by doing necessary investments about shaping the sheet metal and assembling parts, to satisfy the needs of the market.

2010 - Took its place on the market among the leader companies by improving the machine course and the quality system.

2012 - Continues its business with 80 employees and 5000m² closed area by following the improvements and new investment targets at NOSAB Organize Sanayi Area.

Our Target

Our target is to keep up with changing and developing world and to take place among the leading companies of the sector by making use of latest technologies and improving constantly our way of thinking.

Pikosan Mould Industry of Automotive

Pikosan Mould Industry of Automotive